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亚洲中文在线偷拍-The First Topgolf Lounge Comes to Washington State

一本道av-A premium virtual entertainment concept creating unforgettable experiences for allTopgolf Introduces First ‘Topgolf Lounge’

A gathering place for friends, Topgolf Lounge will be the ultimate bar and gaming experience, intended to connect people in meaningful ways. Expanding Topgolf’s traditional venue footprint into urban areas, each Topgolf Lounge will feature live sports on massive flat screens, industry-leading Full Swing simulators with a broad selection of virtual games, lively music and locally curated dishes, hand-crafted desserts and cocktail selections. Topgolf Lounge will provide a premium, modern esthetic with comfortable lounge seating, all designed to promote unforgettable experiences. The first Topgolf Lounge is set to officially open outside Seattle, Washington later this year.

Designed to be iconic, engaging and a sensory delight to social seekers – the virtual gaming is powered by Topgolf Swing Suite Technology, with every bay featuring cutting-edge golf and interactive sports simulation. The 7,761 square-foot location boasts four public hitting bays and a private, VIP bay for special events and celebrity guests who are expected to frequent the Topgolf Lounge. As an extended effort to expand consumer accessibility, Topgolf Lounge locations will be strategically placed in densely populated areas in which larger, full-sized Topgolf venues aren’t sizably feasible.

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