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Book It Now Crush It Later

一本道av-Reserve a Single Bay at Topgolf

一本道av-Reserve your very own bay online and play when you want, with whomever you want. Reservations can be made online up to 7 days in advance and at least 1 hour* prior to arrival at Topgolf. Not a big planner? Walk-in Guests are always welcome, so come on in!

  • 亚洲中文在线偷拍-*24 hours for Las Vegas

    亚洲中文在线偷拍-Groups up to 6 players

    Each reservation is good for 1 bay and can accommodate up to 8 Guests** with 6 people playing at one time (only 6 Guests may be in a bay for VIP reservations).

    039一本道不卡免费播放-Reservation fee

    Varies by day and time with FREE options available for select venues. Fee allows Guests to skip the line and get added to the top of the bay list at the time selected.

    039一本道不卡免费播放-Hourly bay rates

    Standard reservations do not include the hourly fee for game play or food and drinks (paid separately at the venue). New Guests will also need to purchase a $5 Membership.

    039一本道不卡免费播放-Need more than one bay?

    Multiple reservations may not be grouped together to get adjoining bays. For groups larger than 6 players, see below for party and event options.

    039一本道不卡免费播放-VIP Packages Available!


        039一本道不卡免费播放- TERMS & CONDITIONS
        Applicable sales tax will be added at point of purchase. The Guest who books the reservation will be required to be present in order to check in. Reservations do not guarantee that Guests will be provided a bay at the exact time that they selected or arrive on site. If all bays are full when a Guest arrives, that Guest will be the next in line to receive a bay when one becomes available. If there are already Guests on the wait list using a Reservation, each new addition will then get placed directly behind those Members already on the wait list. Multiple Reservations made on the same day will be treated as separate, and will not allow for grouping. Reservations may not be redeemed for cash, memberships, or playing value. Certain venues do not have access to book a reservation. Check for availability before purchase.

        For a full refund of reservation fees, cancellation must be made a full 24 hours prior to the local check in time on the scheduled reservation date. Please note that if a Guest chooses to cancel their booking after this deadline, Topgolf will retain the prepayment and will not refund any of the reservation fee. If the Guest that booked the reservation is not in their bay within 15 minutes of assignment, with game play started, the reservation will be cancelled without refund.

        欧美午夜不卡在线观看- The Ultimate Topgolf ExperienceVIP Reservation Package

      1. Our standard reservations are a great way to skip the line and get into a bay at your desired time. If you're looking for more of a VIP experience that includes game play, our VIP packages starting at $150 also include:

        Dedicated VIP check-in desk in the lobby
        Immediate bay assignment w/ VIP accommodations
        Two hours of Topgolf game play
        Bottled water for the bay
        Jumbo artisan pretzel board filled with meat, cheese, fruit, and nuts
        Dessert Cookies

        VIP Package is available for up to 6 guests.

        VIP Packages are not available at Topgolf Alexandria, Las Vegas, Thornton and Wood Dale.

        039一本道不卡免费播放-Multiple Bay Options

        039一本道不卡免费播放-Pick your event type from the choices below, or check out more information on Parties and Events at Topgolf. Have questions? We're here to help. Submit an event request form and a member of our event sales team will be in touch soon.


        039一本道不卡免费播放-SMALL GROUPS
        7-12 PLAYERS

        Topgolf is here to make planning a piece of cake. With just a few clicks, you will be ready to go with two hours of unlimited game play in two bays, a menu fit for foodies and a fun event that everyone will enjoy.


        039一本道不卡免费播放-LARGE GROUPS
        13+ PLAYERS

        With great food, full-service bars, upscale amenities and competitive fun everyone can enjoy, Topgolf makes a great home for your next large gathering! Our all-inclusive packages include game play, food, drinks and a dedicated staff to help make your big event run smoothly. That means you can stay dedicated to having an awesome time with your crew. Event spaces available to rent. Packages start at $44 per Guest (tax and service fees not included).


        欧美午夜不卡在线观看-KIDS/TEEN PARTIES

        No work, no stress, and no mess. In just a few clicks, your party will be set and ready for the kids to have a blast! Event spaces available to rent. Kids Packages starting at $25 per child (ages 12 and under). Teen Packages starting at $35 per teen (ages 13-17).


        039一本道不卡免费播放-FULL VENUE BUYOUTS

        You might be awarded Party Planner of the Year when you rent out the entire Topgolf venue for your next event. We can host events for up to 1,000* Guests and everyone will be sure to have the time of their lives.
        *Capacity varies by venue

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